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This is a real test for a camera's AF system and lens. A P&S camera or camera phone does not have a chance of getting these kind of shots except by accident or as a result of the greater depth of field and having the subject really small in the frame.
For Nikon users the budget priced 70-300vr and the AF system of the D300 or D7100 for DX format is a good start. The best setup is the D4 and a fast pro zoom or telephoto lens. I have done this with my older D80 and D90 when I programed the AF-AE button for AF-ON but the keeper rate is much less than higher end setups. The lens must be able to focus fast enough. This is very important as the aperture gets larger and produces a shallower depth of field. Putting your P&S camera or phone to sports mode in bright light is your best choice.